AGM Meeting Reports and Minutes

Secretary’s Report 2016

In the past year we have seen a number of changes in the running of the club. John Crees resigned as treasurer in January. However we were very fortunate that Phil Whitmore was prepared to come back to the club as treasurer. He has done a great job this year in organising our finances and has also contributed in many other ways to the running of the club. Also, after 15 years in the head coach role, James left the club in September for a new job at Tudor Grange in Solihull. However here again we were fortunate in having Ciara ready and willing to step into the head coach role. Since September she has done a great job in her new role. Also during the year we lost John Crees and Mark Sharrott as committee members. However once again we have been fortunate in gaining 3 new volunteers: Jo Bowes, Jessica Newborough and Irene Grice. These new committee members have brought some new ideas and perspectives to the committee which has been great. In a further change Mark Whitelegg has taken on the Men’s Club Captain role and has re-joined the committee. It is great to have his experience and energy back on the committee.

Overall our league teams had a distinctly average year last year:

  • However the exception to this was our Rugby League mixed team who won the 1st Division league. Congratulations to Matthew and all the players who played in those matches
  • In the Coventry league our teams had a tough time as we lost a number of our top league players last year. Our 1st team and 4th team finished last and were relegated. The other teams held their places in their respective divisions

In particular the things that I have focused on over the last year were:

  • To put together committee meeting agendas and produce accurate meeting minutes 
  • The introduction of the ClubSpark database for on-line management of memberships. This has been very successful and gives us a good basis for membership renewals next year
  • To improve communication out to members with regular updates by email and on the NTC web site

Additionally over the past year we have made a number of improvements to the facilities of the club:

  • Path down the back of the courts
  • Channel drain across the path to stop water flooding onto the courts
  • Benches behind courts 4 and 5 – in progress
  • Clearance of the ‘bramble bank’ and behind the clubhouse
  • Contracting StarKlean for cleaning of the clubhouse every 2 weeks

Looking forward to the next year the priorities are:

  • Deep clean of courts 1 and 2 – this year’s deep clean was not successful
  • Maintenance of the clubhouse
  • Keeping on top of the groundwork

Coaching Report 2016
2016 has been a year of change for Nuneaton Tennis Club with James Asbridge leaving at the beginning of August making way for Ciara to be appointed as Head Coach. Tommy also stepped into the role as the second coach at Nuneaton starting his Level 3 apprenticeship with inspire2coach at the beginning of September.
Over the past year, we had a high of 122 players on the programme in June, and ended 2016 with 102 players. This is a great achievement given last year we had just over 90 players and with James leaving shows that the club and programme is steadily growing.
Highlights of the year have included Ciara’s Halloween Tennis Party on the Friday of October half term, with 20 children taking part in the day and a further 40 across the week. Ciara also ran the annual Christmas bowling trip with 43 children attending, which again is another huge achievement.
This year Nuneaton also took part in Tennis for Kids which was a scheme ran by the LTA off the back of Great Britain winning the Davis Cup. The scheme allowed for 20 new children aged between 5-8 years onto the programme which ran for 6 weeks and each child received a free racket at the end of the course. We managed to convert 6 players from this onto the programme, and are hoping to do even better in 2017. This year we have been given 6 Tennis for Kids courses which will mean 60 new players stepping onto the courts for the first time. Alongside this we have also applied for adult Tennis Xpress courses to create an offering to the parents of those children also.
For 2017 our aims will be to continue to grow and develop the existing coaching programme with a focus on the adults at the club, along with developing stronger school’s links. We will also continue to work with the club closely to grow the memberships of those players accessing the coaching programme.

Becky Webb – Coventry Area Manager


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