Singles Ladder - Latest Table and Results

Latest Results

Recent Highlights
Thirteen matches played over the last 3 weeks and there have been several changes in positions, with notably Chris moving into 2nd place and Marco into 3rd. Well done everyone who has played and to those who haven't get playing! Clearly there are many people keen for a game so no excuses not to play.
As per Whatsapp message and email, this ladder has now been moved to World Tennis Network. 
Recent results
Andy 26 64 12-10 Pete
Chris 64 63 Marco
Pete 26 63 64 Tosin
Luke 61 63 Stefan
Marco 63 64 Andy M
James D 75 63 Tommy
Marco 76 57 10-3 Leyton
Martin 75 76 Stefan
Andy 63 64 James D
Marco 36 64 10-6 Tommy
Luke 61 63 Stefan
Tosin 67 76 63 Luke
James 63 76 Andy

Current rankings (From now on all completed matches will be submitted to the LTA for rating and ranking points)

  1. Mark Hughes - 7.1
  2. Chris Delaney - 8.2
  3. Marco Cunsolo - 7.1
  4. Andy Machin - 9.1
  5. James Davis - 8.1
  6. Mark Whitelegg - 8.1
  7. Tommy Harkin - 8.2
  8. Jarrad Brown - 7.2
  9. Leyton Ainslie-Huffer - 8.2
  10. Peter Harwood
  11. Tosin Ajayi
  12. Darren McHale - 8.1
  13. Martin Kimberley 9.1
  14. Len Evans  8.1
  15. Luke Beales
  16. Stefan Matache 10.2
  17. Paul Sidwell
  18. Lee Taylor
  19. Elliot Griffin
  20. Usman Yasin

Tournament Format – Tennis Ladder

  1. Players are listed in a shape of a ladder and ranked from top to bottom. Each player’s ranking varies based on match results (newly registered participants start at the bottom of the ladder).
  2. Tennis Ladder participants can challenge anyone on the ladder
  3. If the challenging player wins, he/she moves to the spot of the challenged player and the challenged player drops down one position, pushing the rest of the players down a spot as well; if the challenging player loses, there is no movement in the rankings.
  4. Players who don’t play any matches in eight consecutive weeks, drop down two ranking spots; every player is required to play at least one match every 6 months.
  5. Players who have been challenged are not available until that match has been played
  6. Matches are best of 3 sets, the first two being tie break sets and the third set a match tie break (to 10 points)



Junior Competitions

We have an extensive range of competitive opportunities for Juniors, including

  • Aegon Team Tennis for most age groups (National Club League)
  • Mini Tennis Red, Orange and Green teams in Warwickshire Leagues (September - March)
  • We annually host LTA Events with a Summer Grade 4 & regularly Grade 5 tournaments.
  • Box leagues - Please contact us to find out more.
  • Junior Club Championships


Senior League teams

Coventry and District League

We currently run 5 men’s teams in the Coventry and District League. Each team consists of 2 doubles pairs. Matches are played between late April and early August and usually consist of 14 matches, each opponent played home and away.  Matches are best of three sets with the third set being a match tie break (first to 10 points).

Coventry League Website (Mydivision)


Rugby League

In 2018 we will have 1 men's team in the Rugby League, which differs only in that each match is only 2 sets long without the match tie break.


In 2014 we entered a Mixed team for the first time. They finished top of Division 2 that year and they have been in competing in Division 1 of the Rugby Mixed league for the last 2 years

Rugby League Website


Aegon Team Tennis (National Club League)

We have one men’s team in the Warwickshire County Division 2. Matches are played between April and August and consist of singles and doubles matches.

Aegon Team Tennis Website


Winter Veterans League

We have entered one team in the Warwickshire Winter Vets league. All home matches are played on Saturday mornings under the same rules as the Coventry League.

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