Floodlight Inclusive Membership Option


This is an additional optional payment to purchase unlimited access to our Tennis Floodlights

This option offers ALL members increased value and convenience, giving you more flexibility and opportunity to play more tennis

What are the fees & how does it work:

Light Inclusive:

If you want to play under the floodlights without being light inclusive you still can, the current fees are:

Non Light option:

How it works:

Terms and Conditions:

By signing up to light inclusive membership you agree to the following

  1. You take responsibility for allowing only light inclusive members access to the key box
  2. If any members who are not light inclusive members play with you under lights, you take responsibility for collecting the pro-rata fee applicable e.g. if 4 people play for 2 hours and one is NOT a light inclusive member, you must collect £3 from them and post in the clubhouse as now
  3. You take responsibility for ensuring the lights are turned off after you have played, unless someone else is following on behind
  4. You take responsibility for ensuring that the light key is returned to the key box after use

 Other information:

  1. Payments for floodlights for the Monday night social session are unchanged from current arrangements (except of course that light members will not pay)
  2. It does not apply to league matches as lights are included in the match fee
  3. The fee is applicable for the current membership year - April to April
  4. You MUST be a member of the club