Membership Information 2020


Reduced Membership Fees Due to Delayed Start of the 2020 Season. Please note that we have reduced all our membership fees by 25%!!

Please see the table below and accompanying notes for 2020 membership fees. If you are a new member and want to pay on-line just follow the link to our membership area on the ClubSpark site. There you will see the different membership packages. When you select the appropriate package you will be prompted to register with ClubSpark and enter your contact details. You will then have the option to pay on-line or to pay by cheque/cash. If you select a Mini or Junior package the parent or guardian will need to enter their contact details in addition to the details for the mini or junior member themselves. For a Family membership details need to be provided for a main contact and also the additional family members.

We prefer the you provide and maintain your own details on-line as described above. However if this is not possible membership forms are available. Please download, print and post the completed form to the 'NTC Membership Secretary' (address on form). Or download the Word version, complete and send to the club email address (on the top of the form).

Existing members: You will receive your membership renewal by email in March. Membership for the 2020 - 2021 season will be due on the 1st April.

Floodlight Inclusive Membership

For 2020 we are again offering this option. An additional membership payment of £60 per year will give members unlimited access to our floodlights. For all information and associated terms and conditions click Floodlight Inclusive Membership Option

For new memberships click HERE

  Single Payment (cash, cheque or on-line) 6 monthly payments (on-line only)
  £ £
Renewal - Senior Membership 127.00 23.00
Renewal - Student/Young Adult *1 75.00 13.50
Renewal - Concessions Membership *2 79.00 14.00
Renewal - Family Membership *3 224.00 39.50
Renewal - Parent & Junior Membership *4 146.00 26.00
Renewal - Junior Membership *5 38.00 7.00
Renewal - Mini Membership *6 14.00  
New - Senior Membership 106.00 19.00
New - Student/Young Adult *1 67.00 12.00
New - Concessions *2 70.00 12.50
New - Family Membership *3 174.00 31.00
New - Parent & Junior Membership *4 114.00 20.00
New - Junior Membership *5 34.00 6.00
New - Mini Membership *6 14.00  
Floodlight Membership *7 50.00 9.00


  1. Family membership is based on 2 adults and any number of children (Under 18 or still in full time education) residing at the same address
  2. Parent and Child membership is based on 1 adult and 1 child (Under 18 or still in full time education) residing at the same address. At the discretion of the committee, membership may be allowed if parent and child are resident at separate addresses. Please see a committee member.
  3. Concessionary Membership. Concessionary rate applies to members claiming Jobseekers Allowance, or Income Support, or aged 65 or over on 01/04/2020
  4. Student/Young Adult applies to members aged 24 years or under on 01/04/2020 or members still in full time education
  5. Junior applies to members between 11 and 18 on 01/04/2020
  6. Mini applies to members 10 and under on 01/04/2020
  7. Floodlight membership is an additional optional payment and applies per Member or per Family and Parent & Junior ie juniors are free on their parents Light Membership

Renewing members will be sent an email with an individual link to follow for their renewal

Download Membership form here

Download Membership form (Word Version)


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