NTC Constitution


Constitution and Rules

January 2015




1.   General

      1. The name of the club shall be Nuneaton Lawn Tennis Club

      2. The property of the club shall be vested in four Trustees who shall be appointed by the members of the club in a General Meeting and they shall hold office until death or resignation, unless removed from office by a majority of the members present by voting at a General or Extraordinary General Meeting. They shall have the power to adopt such measures as appear to them to be in the best interests of the club subject to the approval of the committee.

      3. Should the club be dissolved at any time, the land and all assets will be sold and the money accrued be donated to any sporting association that will develop tennis in the area. If that is not possible, the money should go to a local sporting club or clubs, the choice being at the discretion of the Trustees and Committee.


2.   Management

      1. The management of the club shall be vested in a committee consisting of executive officers of the club. The executive officers being Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and an agreed number of committee members. At committee meetings in the absence of the Chairman a Chairperson will be appointed for the meeting only and the Chairperson will have the casting vote, if required.

      2. Four members of the committee, including at least one executive officer, shall make a quorum for committee meetings, provided that all important matters of finance and policy are voted on at a General Meeting.

      3. All officers shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting

      4. Members wishing to stand for election to the committee shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member. Nomination forms are to be completed and forwarded to the Secretary fourteen days prior to the AGM or nominated during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

      5. Minutes of all committee meetings are to be recorded by the secretary and made available to any member, on request. 


3.   Finance

      1. The club shall be self-supporting financially and all surplus monies re-invested in the club’s facilities and activities.

      2. A record of all income and expenditure is to be kept by the treasurer and accounts presented to the AGM.

      3. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the Club Accounts are audited at the end of each financial year

      4. All monies relating to the club are to be invested in bank/building society accounts bearing the club’s name.

      5. The signatories to the account shall be Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and other committee member, to be decided by the committee. Two signatures from the four authorised will be required to authorise payments on behalf of the club.

      6. The Treasurer will be able to make payments of invoices and subscription payments to the LTA via BACs and these payments to be shown my means of a printed Bank Statement at the next committee meeting.


4.   Subscriptions

      1. Club subscriptions for the following season are to be agreed at the AGM. Fees for the new season must be paid for by the date agreed at the AGM and provision made for part payments in case of financial hardship.

      2. The Committee shall have the discretion to reimburse any portion of the annual subscription for any case deemed reasonable.

      3. Subscriptions may be paid by through the website using Paypal or by cheque. No cash payments can be accepted unless a receipt can be given to the member who is paying.


5.   Annual General Meeting (AGM)

      1. To be held annually on a date set by the committee published in advance with minutes recorded by the secretary and kept for club records.

      2. A quorum shall consist of two executive officers, two general committee members and at least 10 full senior members.


6.   Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

      1. The Committee may call an Emergency General Meeting when any question of urgent importance shall arise, or when receiving a requisition signed by eight full members of the club.

      2. The same rules for an AGM apply to an EGM 


7.   Membership

      1. Membership of the club is open to all members of the public on payment of the appropriate  membership fee regardless of sex, colour, race or religion and ability.

      2. The member classifications shall be at the discretion of the AGM and will include  Senior,  Concession  Junior and Family categories. The rights of each membership category will be decided at the start of each season by the committee.

      3. Members may invite visitors up to a maximum of six times in any one calendar year, the fee to be decided by the committee.

      4. Any joining fees, discounts or other variances to the standard fees are to be decided by the committee

      5. Amenities provided to a member may be restricted or limited at certain times at the discretion of the committee. This applies to the bar, if in operation.


8.   Grievances and Complaints

      1. Any member having a grievance or complaint with any aspect of the running of the club, should make this known to a committee member which will then be discussed at the next committee meeting. The decision of the committee is final and will be minuted by the Secretary the decision of the committee will be posted to the member by the secretary within fourteen days of the committee meeting.

Any member who violates the constitution or acts in a manner contrary to the interests of the club may be expelled by the votes of two thirds of the members present at the committee meeting.


These are the rules and constitution of Nuneaton Lawn Tennis Club as amended and passed at the Annual General Meeting in January 2015



Changes to Constitution Rules points:-

2.1.1 Regarding executives of the management of the club                                                   Jan 2015

3.1.5 Regarding signatories of the club                                                                                  Jan 2015

3.1.6. Regarding authorisation and payment by BAC’s                                                         Jan 2015

2.1.1. Regarding executives of the management of the club                                                  Feb 2013

3.1.5. Regarding signatories of account to sign cheques                                                        Feb 2013

5.1.2. Regarding changes to AGM quorum                                                                            Feb 2013

7.1.1. Regarding Membership, added ability                                                                         Feb 2013


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