NTC Committee Roles and Responsibilities


Each Club official & Committee member has the following responsibilities:

  • To fulfil their specific Roles & Responsibilities as defined in subsequent sections
  • To attend regular Committee meetings
  • To participate in the decision-making process as part of the committee and ensure club rules, regulations and policies are followed
  • To promote the Club wherever possible to encourage new members and to ensure they feel welcome regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sex or age
  • To attend the AGM and provide a report of the year’s activities
  • To take the lead role on improvement projects from time to time

Chairperson Role

  • The role of the Chairperson is to guide, lead, and represent the club, assisting and encouraging other Officers
  • To chair annual or specific general meetings, and Committee meetings
  • To oversee the Club’s activities to ensure that they are well run, safe, and that an appropriate range of activities takes place
  • To oversee the management of the Club to ensure value for money and proper financial controls are in place
  • To advise, assist and support other Officers as necessary
  • To handle and resolve disputes or complaints

Secretary Role

  • The role of the Secretary is to manage the administration of the Club, ensuring that information is maintained and distributed in a timely, professionally presented manner. This includes the distribution of information to other committee members and ordinary members
  • To convene annual or specific general meetings and monthly committee meetings, ensuring that all necessary papers are available in advance
  • To ensure that minutes are taken effectively at all meetings, and that a typed version is produced & distributed by e-mail promptly to all relevant parties
  • To receive and deal with incoming correspondence, whether on paper or by e-mail, actioning it with the necessary level of urgency, liaising with other officers as necessary
  • To retain and file original copies of all relevant correspondence, minutes and other documentation

Treasurer Role

  • The role of the Treasurer is to manage the club’s accounts, including financial planning, preparation of estimates and forecasts, and liaison with other officers to promote effective financial control
  • To maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of all financial transactions – keeping cash, cheques, paying-in books and records secure at all times
  • To bank all income and pay all bills promptly, ensuring that all bills are properly documented, verified for accuracy and certified before paying
  • To prepare a financial statement for the Annual General Meeting, ensuring that all accounts are accurate and balanced
  • To make available all books, records and statements for annual or other audit checks
  • To provide financial information for planning & forecasting purposes
  • To organise the draw for Wimbledon tickets and process paperwork.

Welfare Officer Role

  • The role of the Welfare Officer is to take specific responsibility for child safety at the Club and act as a point of contact for parents, children and any outside agencies
  • To maintain a Child Protection policy for the Club and ensure that it is reviewed annually and is available to members
  • To ensure that parents of junior members are aware of the role and policy and how to contact the Child Protection Officer in the event of any concerns
  • To ensure that any concerns raised are dealt with appropriately and promptly
  • To ensure that CRB checks (Criminal Records Bureau) are carried out for all volunteers directly involved with junior members at the Club
  • To request appropriate confidential information from the parents or guardian of junior members for use in the event of an emergency
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